This bento is beautiffuly assembled with brown rice cooked with black rice at the bottome, and tender chicken marinated in salted rice malt and grilled with miso and Chinese pepper, 4- 5 colorful seasonal vegetable deli on top.

It comes in a round wooden container called "wappa" which is made of thin sheets from cedar.

A pack of store's original drip coffee comes with a bento, so enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee after your lunch.


‘Wappa” is a container which is made of thin cedar sheet. These are microwabable but not dishwasher safe. However, after cleaning you can resuse it again and it is compostable and safe for the environment.

Chicken "Wappa" Bento <10>

  • Earthen Place


    Earthen Place is an outdoor cafe with a spacious dog run surrounded by greenery in Koyasu area near Shonan Village.

    They make "wappa" bento, muffins, pudding and more which are made from scratch with high quality ingredients.


    They also serve coffee that are carefully selected by the owner.


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