on Special Family Meal

to Celebrate your 2020 grad at Home

​Planned Delivery Date(s): June 6th or/and 7th

Survey closes at 8pm on 28 May

Conglatulation to the Class of 2020 !!!

We know that you are supposed to have a big party with your families, who even flew from other countries to celebrate your big mile stone, and your good friends, but you would have to postpone it until later. We thought there might be some families who would like to have some special meal that they can celebrate at home with family instead.

If we could get enough orders, then we might be able to find some local restaurants that would arrange to cook and deliver special family meals to your home on June 6th or/and 7th.

Before we start working, we would like to determine if there is any interest among you and what your interests are. Thank you for your cooperation!

Thank you!
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