​Currently Taking Orders For;

Our world has suddenly and unexpectedly changed because of a pandemic, and we are all suffering in various ways. 

We have published a local guidebook on Kamakura and Enoshima called Local Focus a few years ago that spotlighted many small restaurants in the area.

These small businesses have also been severely affected by the change of events and are struggling to stay in business.

We also realize that many of our non-Japanese speaking residents would love to order from many of these local restaurants but cannot due to the language barrier. So, we have decided to become a little bridge to connect those non-Japanese residents and local store owners who don't speak English nor have a skill to launch a website like this.

Many of the stores in the areas are individually or family owned small businesses, and we are also a small business too, and our delivery service might be available only for a certain time until the pandemic is over so we would not invest a lot of money to build a fancy perfect online shopping site. Because of those reasons, our resources are limited, and our service might not as convenient or flexible as the other major chain delivery services, but we all would try to do our best to provide our service hoping that our service would help you to have little joy or excitement during these unique times.

Thank you in advance for your support.

About our service

● Area 
Our service is available for all of or some of the areas below depending on the store;

     Zushi City including CFAY Ikego Housing (*Please read the note below)

    Hayama Town

    Part of Yokosuka (Akiya, Ashina, Sajima, and Shonan-Village, Ikegami, Hemi, )


● Order Deadline
Please place your order by the date and time that is noted under the name of the store on the order pages.  

 Limited Number

    Some of the menus might have limited number to be ordered.

    The number in <    >  by the name of the menu is the number that will be available for the day. 


 Delivery Time

    We would ask your cooperation to be flexible about the delivery time.

    Since those stores have only one staff who can go out to deliver or the owner him/herself go to deliver,

    it is difficult for them to be available to go out to deliver anytime. So when we closed the orders, we will look

    at each customer's address, then make most efficient rout to deliver in your area, then e-mail your delivery time.

 Delivery Fee, Sales Tax

​   ・¥500 will be added when you check-out. (If you order from more than two different stores, ¥500 delivery

​      fee will be charged for each store, but free delivery on orders of ¥5,000 or more.

 ・Prices include 8% sales tax.


*For CFAY Ikego Housing residents;

 ・We will arrange your pick-up time so that it would not get too crowded at the pick-up point outside the gate.

 ・Please meet the store staff with your order number outside of the gate.


 ・Since the store staff would not be able to leave your food by the door at your residence, please do not be late for your pick-up time. If they could not deliver your order to you because you were late, then it would be non-refundable.

​How to Order


Pick a day that you want to get your order delivered among list of days below.


Select a store and menu.


Order from one store meeting minimum order amount, then check out as one payment



Click  "Date, Request, Comment etc".   

Write "date" that you want your order get delivered


Click "Order" and pay online by either credit card or Paypal (Japanese yen only).


You will receive you your delivery time by e-mail.


Store staff will ring your door bell then leave the food by the door to avoid the direct contact.

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