​About Us

​Nature, Cluture, and Community

​"Delish Home Delivery" is operated by The Blue Co., Ltd which provides content creating, publishing, event planning, translation, and more, focusing on sustainability, passing the wisdom of our old culture to the future generation, and supporting local community.

We have created and published a local guidebook called Local Focus a few years ago wishing the book would serve as a tool for meaningful connections to Japan through the many enterprising and unique individuals in the area.

​Now many of those enterprising in the area are suffering because of the pandemic, and non-Japanese residents who are staying home are seeking for the information on English-friendly food delivery service, so we have decided to launch a website that could help those.

We hope "Delish Home Delivery" would help non-Japanese residents to find little joy and excitement by tasting delicious food prepared by local talented and devoted chefs at home.

​Your order will support local small businesses, organic farmers, hard working suppliers, and more, and it will help our local community remain sustainable, healthy, and happy.


We also hope that the COVID-19 pandemic will end sometime soon and you can physically visit those stores.

Thank you for your support, and stay safe everyone!

Delish Home Delivery is operated by The Blue Co., Ltd